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TERA Launch schedule revealed

On August 3, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Today the launch schedule for the highly anticipated action MMORPG TERA has being revealed. The schedule shows the dates from Alpha all the way to Launch.

The plan for Bluehole Studio the developers of the MMO is to begin Alpha Testing later this year, it is then hoped that Open Beta just prior to release in the beginning of 2012 and finally Bluehole Studio hope to launch TERA in Spring 2012.

Chris Lee, publishing VP of En Masse Entertainment (NA Publishers) had this to say on the schedule.

“Adding time to our schedule will help us ensure we exceed people’s expectations for TERA,” “The game’s action combat and depth has generated a lot of interest, and we are committed to making sure every aspect of the game lives up to our standard of quality.”

Also Daniel Ullrich, CMO of Frogster Online Gaming (EU Publishers) said that Gamescom will see some the unveiling of various features of TERA.

“We’ll be unveiling various features at Gamescom and rest assured these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what players can expect when TERA is released early next year”.

To go along with this announcement here are 8 new screenshots released by Bluehole Studio.

TERA will be published by En Masse Entertainment in North America and will be published by Frogster in Europe.

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