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Rugby World Cup 2011 demo and developer session

On August 26, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Today saw the release of the first Rugby game in 4 years by HB Studios “Rugby World Cup 2011” and I was lucky enough to go down to a developer session that was taking play in a GameStop in Dublin.

Representing HB Studios was Alastair Jarvis who is General Manager of the company and I had a chance to talk him about the game and play a match against him.

The session was small, but it was fun.
 Before setting up I spent a lot of it just chatting with the PR people and Alastair. The interview that took place was fun and answered some questions which include why there was no PC version of the game etc.

I got a chance to play the game as I said above against Alastair, but I also played it against the computer. The match I placed was friendly with Ireland V USA which saw me win 56-0 but it was on easy mode. The game against Alastair was Ireland V Canada, so we were representing each of our countries of birth and it ended 43-10 to me.

The session was small but it was good fun to be able to talk to a person who worked on the game.

Expect the interview to go up later today or early morning.

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