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Beta registration opens for The Secret World

On August 30, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Rejoice MMO and horror fans as Funcom have opened up beta registration for “The Secret World”.

The beta registration is the start of the first phase of “The Secret World” which is known as “The Secret War” which is an interactive online experience that engages community members in the conflict between the Templars, the Illuminati, and the Dragon – the three factions in ‘The Secret World’ – even before the game is released. Remember if you can’t decide your faction there is always the personality test which will tell you based on your answers what faction would suit you.

Read on for info on the second phase.
Those who register for beta will be able to take part in the second part of “The Secret War”.

The second phase of the experience will allow users to expand the influence of their secret society through a social media connected, web-based game. Here users can recruit friends and deploy them as agents for their cause, scoring points for themselves and their secret society. Users can also share assets from and information about ‘The Secret World’ to score more points, allowing them to climb through the ranks of their secret society and unlock achievements, exclusive in-game equipment and weaponry, in-game titles, and even the coveted guaranteed beta access reward.

Also “The Secret War” experience will also see weekly sweepstakes which could see you win a trip to Funcom Montreal, signed collector’s editions of the game and even a chance to have your name put into the game. Not a bad list of prizes if I do say so myself.

The Secret World will be launching April 2012 so expect Beta to come sooner rather than later.

To register for beta or to learn more about “The Secret World” check out http://www.thesecretworld.com/.

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