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THQ shut down Kaos Studios and Digital Warrington

On June 15, 2011 by Ash Meehan

On Monday THQ announced the closure of 2 of their development studios, Kaos Studios and Digital Warrington.

Kaos Studios are best known for Frontlines Fuel of War and the recent Homefront, while Digital Warrington are best known for the Juiced racing series and their last game was Red Faction: Battlegrounds for Xbox Live Arcade.

Kaos’s closure has come as no surprise as 17 people where already let go in March of this year, while Homefront sold well (about 1 million copies in 10 day) THQ said the reason for Kaos and Digital Warrington’s closure was down to “strategic realignment”.

The developer who lost their jobs have a chance to work for THQ in the Montreal branch. This could in fact be where a sequel to Homefront may come from because on Tuesday Eurogamer talked to THQ head Danny Bilson who said

“Everything we learned from Homefront you’ll see executed in other games going forward, and including that franchise going forward. We’ll have some really interesting announcements in the future about the future of that brand,”

So it looks like Homefront will continue. But we here at SGGamingInfo wish all the out of work developers the best of luck as they look for a new job.

Source: GamasutraEurogamer

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