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The Witcher2 – Coming to an Xbox near you!

On June 17, 2011 by Aszrayel

Thats right. We attended a closed meeting with CD Projeck Red on the last day of E3, got some great goodies (150 page game art book). I totally embarrassed myself at the start of the game demo. Classical music was playing during the intro and my mobile (cell) started ringing blurting out ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. A phone call from the UK from a gaming PR firm. /sigh

The demo was very, very good. Two of the staff played the game on the xbox. The GFX are PC perfect to the original game. Gameplay is the same. Obviously the control interface is different. The development team are only going to change the control interface in the code. One of the mega surprising things for me is there are no loading times whilst you play the game. I will not state that moving from one area to another is instant. Put it was pritty amazing for a console hater like me.

So the demo consisted of two dev staff showing how a level could be played in two different ways, from stealth to full on attack. The way you play the game filters down the line in the code and will change the outcome and how the game is played in the future. It’s a nice game and I have the collectors edition on PC and love it. It’s a true RPG. So when it comes out on a console, a lot of people are in for a surprise.

Apparently the level we were shown, there are 5 different ways to complete it in different styles, and as I stated earlier, you actions change the way the game works. So I think you console junkies have finally the chance to play a real bewitching (pardon the pun), RPG.

The word is that this game will be available for the Xbox 360 around Dec 2011/Jan 2012.

We had another presentation during this slot, but I will write another article about that in a little while. I just wish I had got pictures of the girl in the nurses outfit /Grrrrrrr

Oh and erm it may be coming to other consoles. Thats just speculation on my part.

Author: Aszrayel

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Unfortunately the Stargate games came to an end. So now I research video games and advise on things.

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