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Homefront review

On March 26, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Recently THQ released HomeFront developed by Kaos Studios. Homefront is a near future based game in which you play as a newly recruited resistance cell member to help free America from the Greater Korean Republic.

Kaos Studios worked with the screen play writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse now John Milius to create a compelling story of the fight to save America from the oppressive occupiers. A well written back story was done for Homefront and explained why it was so easy for a reunified Korea and its allies to invade America. In the game universe America paid the price for its reliance on oil and gas as prices rose due to war in the middle east and America retracted ever more inward and the dollar collapsed just leaving America a shell of its former glory. But the back story is really as good as the games gets.

homefront singleplayer

The 4 main characters excluding the one you play as in singleplayer.

In the game you play as Robert Jacobs an ex helicopter pilot, you are rescued by the resistance cell because they need a pilot for a mission. In the game there are really 4 main characters excluding Jacobs and they are Boone (former police officer and leader of the resistance cell), Connor (who is a bit of a head and is ex military), Rianna (she is a civilian and expert hunter) and finally Hopper (Hopper is the most interesting since he is part Korean and he is an expert mechanic). Now here is something I find interesting with the main character line up you have 1 black. 1 woman, 1 Asian and 1 white and

your character, it seemed that unintentionally or intentionally Kaos Studios wanted to cater to all ethic minorities in America now this could be a symbol of all races joining together against a common goal or just something Kaos Studios wished to do.

Now that we have a bit of back story lets move onto the single player. The single player unfortunately has not lead up the hype as it just feels like a traditional first person shooter and Kaos studios literally shove the idea of “consequences of war” down your throat from the very beginning where you see a man and woman being killed by GKR soldiers in front of their infant son as they shout look away, the killing of them was supposedly an act of revenge by the GKR for the resistance cell you are a part of which attacked GKR troops. The part where it is really shoved down your throat is where you see the GKR dump dead American bodies in mass graves which is really in your face and hitting home the “consequences of war”. The idea could have being done more subtlety in my opinion because they way Kaos Studios did it took away the message some what and didn’t make it hit home as much as they may have wanted.

Moving on past that the single player is pretty much like every other first person shooter at the moment where you spend a large portion of the game mowing down ways of Korean enemies and this is only changed when you are tasked with using a unmanned ground combat vehicle where you have to set targets for it to hit, but with those lack luster points it makes up a bit of ground with what I would consider to be a pretty great level and made the “consequence of war” actually work by not shoving it down our throat. The level in question is *SPOILER ALERT* where you have to get a helicopter that was promised for you that is out in the countryside and surprise surprise the deal goes south and you kill those the people you negotiate with, but no one else in the settlement reacts because they likely presume it is the GKR and so you and the rest of the team must sneak through the settlement to get to the chopper. When you get to the final level you return to the shooting endless waves of GKR troops as you fight for the golden gate bridge and a scene which I called half way through the game happens at the end, they could not have being any more obvious with it. The ending also ties in the idea of a sequel where you hear a TV or radio broadcast from Europe.

The single player also has other issues which is the fact the game is very much scripted and doesn’t allow much in the way of deviating from the path, it is to such an extend even when you die the enemies will be doing the same thing which makes even the sneaking through the settlement easy as 1,2,3. Another issue is how short the game is, It took me 4 hours to complete the game on Normal mode and that was with a break.

But enough of the single player lets take a look at the multiplayer.

Author: Ash Meehan

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