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MGM rumored to have pulled the SG License

On November 10, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

According to Nerdvana it is believed that MGM have pulled the license from CME who recently won back the SGW and SGR assets in the court case.

The license was due for renewal at the end of November but it believed MGM had lost confidence on CME to release a Stargate MMO, but to make it interesting this license seems to only seem to have being for the now apparently failed mmo Stargate Worlds and this removal shouldn’t affect the released Stargate shooter Stargate Resistance. I’m guess your like me and thinking the license was pulled but it doesn’t affect the released game….

Also according to Nerdvana the Resistance License maybe lost too, but this is unlikely to affect the game some how…

In all this is was stated by Gary Whiting who I wouldn’t call the best source of information on the planet, so I am putting this down as a rumor unless DCG or MGM confirm this to be true or fact.

Source: Nerdavna

Author: Aaron Meehan

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  • Thank god. Go MGM. Maybe now they’ll give the license to someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing…

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