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On July 3, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Yesterday saw the Replay IRC live QA chat with the developers of Stargate Resistance. Many people submitted questions and the overall turn out was pretty good. Before continuing a thank you goes out to BC owner of Replay IRC who made the QA chat happen. Now on with the questions and answers.

Question from zainea13: What kind of new game types are coming?
<[DCG]Khestral> We are working on a King of the Hill style of gameplay which is gonna ROCK IT!

Question from zainea13: what happened to the Dev Diaries?
<[DCG]Kat> Well frankly things got a bit busy around here ;-) We do have plans for more dev diaries and hope release them soon!

Question from zainea13: Have you seen my SGR trailer or persona? Ask me for a link if you want it!
<[DCG]Khestral> The Trailer is nice we liked it a lot here at DCG!

Question from zainea13: Will Domination and TDM and CTF be extended to all maps?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Not all maps are suitable for all gametypes. We are constantly evaluating maps for additional gametypes such as TDM, CTF, etc.

Question from Yasu: Will there be a Map Editor released?
<[DCG]Gabe> there are no plans as of now to send out the unreal map editor for SGR, but plenty of new maps on the way :)

Question from Yorik: there is some files in Stargate ResistanceEngineLocalizationRUS. Does it mean that we ever see localisation? And if not, can i translate and distribute it?
<[DCG]Kat> We do plan on supporting localization but have no firm dates for that

Question from Jaymach: Are there plans to release any more Advance Combat Packs or are all future “looks” going to be simply unlocked?
<[DCG]Khestral> Yes we are planning more of them exciting ACPS for you all!!!
<[DCG]Kat> Expanding on what Khestral said, there will be a mix of unlockable and purchasable content for you to love

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: Is this the only break Jon will get today from his long list of things to do?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> What is this break you speak of? This is supporting the communtiy which is on my list of things to do.

Question from supremeaaron: In a recent post Jim stated “There are also new abilities coming that will create a LOT of variety on the battlefield, giving players the ability to more heavily customize” Link: http://forums.stargateworlds.com/showpost.php?p=754747&postcount=44 does this mean we will see something like Modern Warfare 2 or Halo Reach class layouts?
<[DCG]Thorn> Yes

Question from Yasu: What will be the main content of the next big patch?
<[DCG]Gabe> The next major patch will be mainly bug fixes and polishing of the game

Question from Yasu: Will there be some more specific Information where turrets are allowed to be placed?
<[DCG]Khestral> When you got to place a turret there is a blazing blue image that shows where it is placable… and a red one where it is not… what more could a classy Sci need?

Question from supremeaaron: What will be the affects of the zat’nik’tel in SGR? As in damage, stun etc.
<[DCG]Thorn> The Zat’nik’tel will do a new type of damage. This new damage doesn’t take away your health but if that damage accumulates too much you will die or even dissolve.

Question from Yasu: Will there be a ladder of clans they are able to fight in?
<[DCG]Gabe> clan support is something we have discussed several times and really want to see in the game. We’re making progress on a way to hold small clan matches and i expect us to expand from there, fun times

Question from Jaymach: Is there any future plans to add further factions to the game? Lucian Alliance, Wraith, Tollan, etc.
<[DCG]Aoloebio> There are plans to add more factions to the game. The standard of the game however is not planne to become 3+ teams on one battlefield.

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: What new Maps are in the works. Any new modes as well?
<[DCG]Khestral> Well we have many new maps planned and also a ton of new modes, but we can’t spill all of our secrets now can we?

Question from supremeaaron: will you be selling any clothes like SGR T-shirts that have being seen on devs in bio pics?
<[DCG]Kat> yes! we are working on designs and plans for a line of Stargate: Resistance merchandise right now. Stay tuned for opportunities for community involvement in the process.

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: Does the new ZAT damage depreciate over time or are you effected the whole time?
<[DCG]Thorn> Yes Zat damage will dimish over time.

Question from Jaymach: Are you allowed to add real-life weapons to the game, or are you limited to purely those that appeared in SG-1/Atlantis?
<[DCG]Gabe> it really boils down to a licensing issue with the military, we can use the image of weapons but not the actual name. Sooo maybe you will see a rocket launcher named the BFG…or the Pwnmaster

Question from zainea13: Will we ever dial the gate?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> There is currently a test map being worked out to allow gate dialing, mechanics are also being put in place to make a gametype revolve around it!

Question from Aszrayel: Euro servers, any time scale on this issue?
<[DCG]Khestral> This is a number one priority for us, we really know how important this is to the kids across the pond.

Question from [ORI]morphe: I saw the console command ‘reportabuse’. Will it be realized correctly?
<[DCG]Thorn> We will be implemented a system to report abusive behavior in SGR. You will be able to enter a short description of what happened and it will be submitted to the proper authorities. There is no ETA on this system.

Question from Yasu: Is there an issue with the turret balancing in the eyes of the devs as players?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> The turret seems to be a touchy subject among the community. We are currently looking at new ways to approach the balancing of the turret. Keep in mind new weapons and abilities might also balance out the turret in any particular game.

Question from zainea13: Can you give us an ETA for the Zat? Something general?
<[DCG]Kat> sometime between now and Christmas :-)….but sooner rather than later

Question from [-RO-][-ONCI-]: When will be introduced and other classes in the SGR?
<[DCG]Gabe> we talk about classes a good bit, we are currently discussing what the next ones will actually be. So many to choose from and many great ideas from you guys.

Question from Jaymach: Are there any plans to allow customisation of players?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Steps are being taken to allow much mroe in depth customization fo characters. There is no deffinitive timeframe for this system but just know it is something we do want to add to the game to help individualize players.

Question from supremeaaron: With the updates to the Jaffa and soldier class which saw them getting high resolution models, when will we see the remaining 4 classes having their models improved? Are there any in the work at the moment?
<[DCG]Kat> The remaining four classes are in the works now and will be released over the next couple of months. I’ve peeked over Thuan’s shoulder and they are looking awesome!

Question from Brando596: Will we be able to chat with developers again?
<[DCG]Gabe> will you be able to sacrifice your first born? >:D

Question from supremeaaron: Thorn, can you expand upon “yes” is it a yes to MW2 style class layout or a halo reach class layout?
<[DCG]Thorn> “Yes” was Jim’s answer to this question. He will probably be the one to expand on this at a later time.

Question from biobot: It was said that new lobby system is in work. Will there be a possibility to have buddies to easily find friends and play with them? Or at least is it planned?
<[DCG]Thorn> We are currently working on a friends system. In this system you will be able to join battles with your friends (if the server will allow it :D).

Question from Yorik: Steam version does not work correctly. The game is downloaded from the very beginning when new patch is released. Can you fix it?
<[DCG]Kat> Actually I have chatted with Steam about this and it has to do with their update process, it is unfortunately out of our control.

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: Are there any plans for in game events such “Team Death Match Against the Developers”?
<[DCG]Khestral> Do you honestly want to see this happen? If so I would love to do it :D

<[DCG]Kat> Woot Julia Benson of SGU just tweeted about Resistance :-)
<[DCG]Kat> nod to the community for making this happen

Question from yellowperil: Will you be adding female/male class skins to the classes
<[DCG]Gabe> We fully plan to have male and female versions of each class. It’s another thing that is coming in the future with other character customization features.

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: Does the Unreal Engine allow for Vehicles to be used in the maps.. Such as Gliders and 302’s?
<[DCG]Thorn> Yes Unreal Engine 3 supports vehicles. There are many in Unreal Tournament 3.

Question from Aszrayel: Question close to my heart. Will SGC get a melee attack?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> The balance of the game is revovled around ranged combat (SGC) vs close quarters combat(SL), if we decide to add a melee attack for the sgc classes, I can garuntee that the system lords will still dominate the SGC in cqc.
<[DCG]Gabe> soldier will receive the sho-ryuken

Question from eliteanubisguard: Will we be seeing more human weapons? I’m specifically thinking of the G36K as now being in SGU and was being used numerous times in Atlantis in the last 2 seasons.
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Not only will you see more human weapons, you will see more alien weaponry too. Every weapon we put in to the game still will require lots of balance testing to make sure it fits within our intended gameplay, this takes time and we hope to be able to deliver them to you.

Question from [USA]-Sokar-: Follow up: Are there plans to implement Vehicles in SGR?
<[DCG]Thorn> We do not plan on adding controllable vehicles to any of the current maps. We would like to add vehicles to the game, and they will be in vehicle based maps.

Question from Sneaky: will you be adding rpg elements into the game?
<[DCG]Gabe> Well you can already rank up by gaining XP, but as we begin to add more depth to rank system that is in the game rpg elements such as active and passive abilities will be added…. also there will be a unlockable +2 P90 of smiting

Question from zainea13: Will you add a “shoebox” map that is just 1 or 2 rooms, used for training and as a “demo” map for potential buyers?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> We are currently making what some players would call a tutorial system. We want to help educate new players to make their overall first experience of the game more pleasurable.

Question from FlackJack: How do you see the game progressing over the next 6 months?
<[DCG]Gabe> More character customization, more maps, more map types, less bugs, more eye candy, more cowbell

Question from supremeaaron: Not long ago when the wall paper images for the spec ops and the Anubis guard armours were shown off there was a new map shown off in the background. Is there any new information on it like what it is and or planned release date?
<[DCG]Thorn> You may not see that specific background of the wallpapers as part of a level. However it is a teaser about the theme of the next map.

Question from supremeaaron: Will SGR be advertised on tv during the season 2 SGU on syfy?
<[DCG]Kat> We are growing our partnerships with MGM and SyFy and hope that involves some TV time with the Stargate family. Beyond TV we are working on a number of campaigns to get the word out about SGR and want to thank the community profusely for their help. Keep up the good work!

Question from Brando596: Will there be another free play event?
<[DCG]Gabe> There is no set date for now but we all had fun doing our last two free play events and I’m sure we will be lining the servers with fresh meat again in the future….mwa ha

Question from supremeaaron: Why was the flamethrower decided for a weapon in SGR? People have stated it seems out of place for a Stargate Game.
<[DCG]Khestral> Yep we understand this but man wouldn’t this be a blast to bar b que some Jaffa!?!?

Question from supremeaaron: Will we see the implementation of a free for all game type?
<[DCG]Thorn> We know players have had some fun with this recently and we would like to create a free for all game type. At this moment we haven’t decided how to fully implement this, so it will be some time before this makes an appearance in the game.

Question from [-RO-][-ONCI-]: Can you increase the damage of the poison?
<[DCG]Gabe> oh man you’re not going to make yourself very popular with the others if you ask questions like that :P

Question from Jaymach: In new maps, is there the possibility of stationary weapons? Goa’uld staff cannons, mortars, etc.
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Stationary turrets and cannon placements have a possibility of appearing in future maps.

Question from supremeaaron: Will DCG ever release a SGR OST in the future?
<[DCG]Thorn> We plan on making some in game music available for download via our new website in the future.

Question from Ryu: As this game become more and more international, is there plans to introduce an Auto-Translate feature or quick-translate like some MMOs are introducing, where select phrases are automatically translated into their native language?
<[DCG]Khestral> DEAR LORD! This tech, while very cool, is really tough to do so we will have to see what comes about…

Question from zainea13: Are you going to re-contruct the Heads up display (hud)?
<[DCG]Gabe> Yes, we are planning a redesign of the hud and ui

Question from Yorik: Did you add a fully destructible environment?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Fully destructable environments are very taxing on the servers and will not likely appear in SGR. You might see new passageways open up in maps via destructable objects, but that has yet to be implemented fully.

Question from Jaymach: Will there be any future character diary updates, or are they only coming out when you release new maps?
<[DCG]Kat> In general the diaries are themed around the characters’ adventures on each new planet, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t add additional entries in between map releases

Question from supremeaaron: Can you reveal any other new weapons in development apart from the zat and flamethrower?
<[DCG]Gabe> Yes there will be a turret takeover weapon. Fun times

Question from supremeaaron: what is DCGs plans for the future? Will we see further expansion of SGR and perhaps other stargate games?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> The magic 8-ball knows all, well at least most of the time.
<@bc> !8 do you know all??
<@ChanServ> bc: Most definitely.

Question from Yorik: Can you please make minimap, cause its really needed thing
<[DCG]Aoloebio> There is potential for this kind of feature to be introduced when we redesign the user interface.

Question from eliteanubisguard: You say more alien weaponry will be added? Are these going to be SG canon weapons or SGR original weapons?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> You will find SG canon weaponry mixed in with weapons unique to SGR. We like to spice things up a bit.

Question from Jaymach: Do you think there will be any more easter eggs in future maps? Finding out Carter takes over the SGC in the future was nice. :)
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Yes, all developers love easter eggs, btw you guys have only found 1 so far on Leonops. Shame on you!

Question from Jaymach: Have you considered adding a database to the game itself, rather than just the website? This could be something telling how the galaxy has changed since the show, character bios, planet info, weapon specs, etc.
<[DCG]Thorn> We are not planning to create an in game database. We will be adding this type of content to our new website.

Question from [-RO-][-ONCI-]: We whill have an single player mode?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> SGR is an online shooter, the only single player mode that might be available is the tutorial.

Question from FlackJack: Anychance we can do a Q&A on teamspeak instead of IRC? (sorry bc :-D)
<[DCG]Gabe> You might see some devs jump into the TS channel to chat randomly and talk some trash, but for official Q&As we’ve found IRC to be pretty accommodating

Question from [ORI]morphe: Will command leaders have any abilities to manage servers (ie block it, or kick somebody)?
<[DCG]Thorn> We are currently still hard at work on a server management tool, but no information about its functionality or limitations can be disclosed at this time.

Question from supremeaaron: Will DCG ever consider a boxed version of SGR? Since theoretically it could boost the sales of the game a good bit.
<[DCG]Kat> Definitely under consideration. It would be tied in with expansion content and could be a reality as early as November

Question from flackjack: Any tournaments?
<[DCG]Gabe> We are working on ways to gate servers so that community tournys can be held in the future. montages are required

Question from Jaymach: Are the new maps entirely new to the Stargate universe, or will we be seeing some planets we’ve seen before?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Not all new maps are going to be new planets, we would like to expand our current planets to support more than one map.

Question from biobot: Any chance servers can be hosted on Steam or something like it (not sure how to explain it correctly) so we can have really lots of them across the planet?
<[DCG]Thorn> As it was previously mentioned we plan to start hosting servers in Europe soon. There are no plans to utilize Steam Dedicated Server technology.

Question from Yorik: Do you add support for microphone?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> Adding support for microphones is something we do not have plans for at this time. With so many third party services such as TS, vent and the likes, which will not be taking away from the games bandwith, which allows you guys better connections.

Question from magecu: Will there be a chat available in the loby of the game?
<[DCG]Gabe> We plan to have friend lists and lobby chat in the future, so yes

Question from [-RO-][-ONCI-]: It will be introduced SG-1 characthers in the game , aka. O’neill , Teal’c , Mitchell , Carter , etc.?
<[DCG]Aoloebio> We would love to have any of the shows actors featured in the game, they might be able to come in to a map as a hero class, or hear them over the radio. There could be other references to them as well such as General Carter being in the generals office of the SGC.

Question from FlackJack: Will there be an option to allow Clans to host their own servers/games?
<[DCG]Thorn> We are working on a server management tool that will allow for some limited administration power of a server for game clan leaders.

Source: http://replayirc.com/home/past-events/sgr-qa-chat-july-2

I will be doing a write up of what was said in the QA at a later date.

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