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Reveal: Classes that can use the zat’nik’tel

On June 15, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

So with at least 2 confirmed new weapons the Zat’nik’tel and the flamethrower, the questions began which class could use them.

From when we learnt about the flamethrower we learnt quickly that the class that would be using it would the SGC soldier exclusively.

But no one knew what class could use the zat’nik’tel, well apart from a small hint in the latest SGR trailer. Well I am happy to announce SGGamingInfo has learnt which class or perhaps even classes could use the famous zat’nik’tel (which was shortened by Colonel Jack o’Neill to just zat gun).

So the classes that can use the zat’nik’tel are as followed.

  • SGC Soldier
  • SL Jaffa

These 2 classes where chosen because according to Jim Brown “Zat is fairly iconic for the Jaffa and Soldier”.

Of course this means that the SGC as it stands gets 2 new weapons and the System Lords only get 1. Maybe there are more weapons to be revealed, but for now we have the flamethrower and the zat’nik’tel.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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