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SGGaminginfo Interview with Firesky

On May 4, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Firesky producer Kathryn Dutchin was nice enough to sit down and talk with myself on SGGamingInfo talking about some points in Stargate Resistance. The interview reveals what they plan to have out in May and if Stargate Worlds will be resurrected.

Q1: Stargate Resistance has being out for just over a month now, how well do you think the game is being received by the gaming and stargate communities?

I think overall the reception is positive. For many Stargate Fans this game “came out of nowhere” so understandably some were surprised when we announced a release. The biggest thing we want to communicate to fans and the community at large is that we are committed to growing and evolving the game experience and take a lot of player input into consideration.

Q2: With the much anticipated DLC which is said to contain a new map “Arena”, what do you think fans of the game will like about it?

First of all “Arena” (which is now officially called Court) is beautiful. I find myself wanting to just wander around and look…a bad idea in a shooter game J I think fans will also love that there are two game types on the map which means they get a sort of “2 for 1” .

Q3: Questions have being raised about the power of the Scientist’s Turret with its 360 degree vision and its ability to fire at people above and below it, will the turret see any downgrades in the future?

We are continually looking at statistical information to help us tweak the balance in the game. With the release of new weapon types in the future we have to examine each case and determine how it affects overall gameplay. This is to say the turret will be re-examined at several points and may indeed be adjusted.

Q4: Can we expect any new weapons/armour in the future and if so are you able to name any?

Yes we are working on both new armour sets and new weapons….one of them sounds like “zap”….

Q5: Apart from “Arena” will we see any more maps coming soon? Say ship based maps etc.

Funny you should mention that…

Q6: Throughout this year what can we expect to see in SGR apart from new maps, weapons and armour?

What more do you want? Seriously though, beyond the content releases we are working to add system features and enhancements which will make the whole experience more robust for our players. Some examples MAY include a friend system, alternate play styles, European servers, an unlockable system and rank bonuses to name a few.

Additionally, our goal is to enhance the shooter gameplay to make the maps feel more like episodes of SG-1, without drawing pure shooter fans into an RPG style of gameplay.  Expect more interactables, more alternate gameplay for players to be able to support forward combat from a rearward position, etc.

Q7: Will smoke grenades and claymores be increased for the said classes. Or maybe a re-supply point for these items?

Something to that effect is planned.

Q8: Will SGC classes and Jaffa gain any abilities like Ashrak and Goa’uld (shields and cloaks)?

Each class will gain new weapons and / or abilities though not necessarily shields and cloaks.

Q9: Will we see more paid content like the Advanced Combat packs in the future?

That is a possibility

Q10: With Stargate Resistance appearing to be doing well, will Stargate Worlds have a chance of being resurrected?

That decision is ultimately up to Cheyenne Mountain as the owner of the game.

Q11: Before the launch of Stargate Resistance there was talk of Stargate Resistance being on the console. Is this still in the works?

Yes, we have plans to expand to a console platform.

Q12: Will we see Stargate Resistance on the Mac?

At this time we don’t plan to port to the Mac, however we always take into account the demand of the market when making those types of decisions.

Q13: Will Stargate Resistance feature a single/co-op campaign in the future?

Stargate Resistance was designed as a multiplayer game but we have talked internally of single player or coop campaigns and how they might fit into the mix down the road.

Q14: Will we see any major expansion this year, like the Pegasus galaxy?

We are planning for a major expansion, the location of which is still a secret.

Q15: Will we see any new classes coming soon?

How to Backstab a Turret 101….

We would love to add new classes and they would most likely be included within a major expansion.

Q16: Will we see any class diary entries regarding the new planet before its release?

Yes those are being written right now.

Q17: Many people have raised the issue of spawn camping in Stargate Resistance, are you planning to address this on the present or future maps?

Definitely, various measures have been implemented to deter spawn camping and more are being planned for roll out if needed.   Our goal, wherever possible, is to give teams the power to deal with spawn campers, themselves, rather than simply add more areas that you can’t place turrets, etc.

Author: Aaron Meehan

Hi, I’m the creator of SG Gaming Info. When I’m not working on my writing or creating content for this site’s YouTube channel, I like to relax and enjoy character driven story games.

3 Responses to “SGGaminginfo Interview with Firesky”

  • So that one question CME now is separate from Dark Comet?

  • yes they are two seperate entities

  • My guess is companies like Dark Comet want to buy the SGW product but CME won’t let go, or there are talks on it being sold. Maybe if Dark, Firesky, and CME could come up with an agreement then SGW would be a joint venture.

    I think it’s SGW petition time, give us the game we want or lose business. I bought sgr, played the hell out of it and am now waiting for SGW. Give me that game or lose all future business from me.

    That’s the point I’ve made it too.

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